We partner with our clients at pivotal points of their growth journeys, when our expertise and strategic advice can help supercharge their success.

The list below illustrates our capabilities for our most common types of clients: LPs seeking to build out their private market investment programmes, fund managers building bigger and more resilient investment businesses, and fast-growing private businesses seeking to raise their next round of funding.  


We are driven by a strong set of values: our clients ("partners") come first. We break down complex problems through data-driven approaches, and provide simple yet effective solutions to help our clients navigate new and ever-changing waters. 


Prior to founding AccelNorth Partners, Tarang Kumar helped grow and manage the EMEA fund investment business of a $800bn+ AuM/S LP and advisor to LPs. Having joined Hamilton Lane in 2011, he helped grow the European investment business from deploying $3-4bn a year to $9-11bn a year, including through market mapping and relationship building with General Partners and intermediaries across private equity, venture capital, private credit and real assets. The clients he worked with ranged from family offices in Europe and the Middle East to large US and European pension funds and university endowments.


At AccelNorth Partners, we offer LPs best-in-class resources to grow their investment practices to attract the best investment opportunities, be they via funds, secondaries, co-invests, or directs. 

Specifically, we offer advisory on the following aspects:

We help develop the right type of private investment strategy for your investment office, based on specific risk-return measures, as well as relative importance of factors such as money-on-money returns, societal impact, IRR, interim J-curve and desire for short-term versus long-term cash.

• Developing an investment framework;
• Portfolio and returns modelling;
• Investment material creation (due diligence templates, financial model templates, etc.); and
• Building teams to execute on the targeted strategy and return profile.

For the given strategy, we help execute the investment approach, including by helping set up appropriate market maps, and helping set up appropriate sourcing channels in order to succeed in sourcing appropriate investments. We can do this both white labelled under your brand name, or under ours if you prefer to maintain more anonymity in the market.

• Identifying and sourcing deal flow;
• Due diligence on fund managers;
• Investment memorandum creation for internal decision makers;
• Investment decision-making support (outsourced private markets CIO services);
• Conference attendance;
• Value-add execution; and
• Advisory board and board committee representation.

We help build a brand around the investment thesis and value-add that LPs choose to pursue, including preparing for media interviews, conference selection and preparation for panel participation, amongst others.

Finding Co-investors and Lead investors for transactions, in partnership with our FINRA-regulated sister organization Pilothouse Capital.

Many owners of capital have started to think about the long-term societal impact of their investment allocations. We can help with developing capital allocation strategies that align with your vision and values.

• Developing responsible investment frameworks;
• GP ESG DDQs, approaches to impact and stewardship;
• Exclusion policies; and
• ESG slide letter requirements.

We coach team members for goal & KPI-setting, career planning, investing, team integration, preparing them for interviews with the media, for conferences, etc., with a focus on the core values and brand of the LP.


Since our inception in 2019, we have worked with over two dozen general partners (GPs), with projects ranging from strategic mandates, fundraising preparation & support, IR, operations and ESG support. We shorten fundraising timescales and help achieve larger institutional fundraises by making your positioning, pitching and DD performance more effective, and by reducing the churn of LPs between pitch stage and commitments into your funds. 


Our strategic support has helped clients solve conundrums relating to product and geographic expansion, strategy expansion and pivots, strengthening organizational structures, systems and governance institutionalization, ESG & Impact integration, and other issues facing both emerging and established private equity, venture capital, credit and real assets-focused GPs.

GPs typically partner with us for the following forms of support:

We help GPs work through their strategic inflection points. Some questions we have helped our clients answer are:

• We have become quite big for our market; how should we expand internationally without losing LPs over strategy drift?;
• We are a European country-focused PE house who has recently been acquired by a US PE house; how should we articulate our strategic differentiation to LPs compared to local players in our home market?;
• We have raised a an early-stage VC fund; we are now looking to scale; how do we articulate our differentiation to LPs vs incumbent later-stage VCs?;
• We began as an extended family office which relies a lot on our peer funds to introduce deals to us; how do we build a proprietary outbound sourcing channel to bring in institutional LPs into our next fund?;
• Should we raise a growth fund to add to our current fund series?; and
• We are an established PE house, but our track record has been inconsistent; what commonalities can we decipher from our mistakes and how can we change the way to operate to be better investors? How do we communicate that to our LPs?.

We take a data-driven approach to solving your strategic conundrums.

We provide hands-on support in developing and creating a high-impact pitch that makes you stand out. Once you have your foot in the door, we help you get fully prepared for full DD - from track record analysis to your PPM and a host of other documents which institutional LPs expect to see in your dataroom.

• A differentiated teaser and/or pitch deck which stands you out against competition;
• ‘Mock pitch’ sessions and pitch coaching for the broader team;
• Developing the data room and all associated materials (PPM, DDQ, fund model);
• FAQ documents to provide consistent answers to the most common asked LP questions tailored to your fund;
• Fund modelling, returns & attribution analysis and benchmarking; and
• Structure fund & staple offerings to attract LPs.

We can manage your fundraising process end to end so that you can focus on concentrating on what matters: finding and closing great deals.

• Developing and managing an overall fundraising timeline
• Answering LP DDQs and navigating difficult LP questions;
• Assisting through the fundraise process by providing additional resources; and
• Heralding LPs through the process, including setting up pitch meetings, DD meetings, & making sure that fundraising timelines are adhered to by the LPs who are engaged.

Through our FINRA-regulated sister organization Pilothouse Capital, we also offer fundraising services for both funds and SPVs/one-off transactions for a curated set of our clients on a situation-by-situation basis.

Fundraising can come with a significant amount of administrative work, which can be a burden on smaller funds. We offer Associates from our talent pool to clients on a short-term basis in order to aid direct fundraising efforts. This means you can get dedicated in-house support in crunch times - without investing time and effort into recruitment and taking on more headcount. Almost all our Associates have prior fundraising experience, either for direct deals, or for funds. The Associates are overseen and supervised regularly by our Partners, such that our clients also benefit from senior expertise and oversight of junior fundraising resources.

We help design and create your regular LP updates, annual meeting and quarterly meeting presentations. From design to content and articulation - including track record and operational updates both at GP, fund and portfolio company level. We can also help you keep track of side letter and reporting commitments.

With an increasing LP focus on ESG and responsible investment, this has never been a more important topic for GPs. We help develop best-in-class ESG policies and practices.

• Responsible Investment Code of Conducts;
• UNPRI alignment and support in becoming a signatory;
• ESG policies and integration strategies (from DD to portfolio management and exit);
• Fund-level impact and ESG reporting; and
• Exclusion Policies.

We run third-party perception studies and create reference packs, both for fundraising purposes to reduce burden on your prospective LPs (especially those with limited in-house resources) as well as for introspection and to help you understand what your key stakeholders think of your relative strengths and weaknesses. We are able to offer deep insights from your investee companies, existing LPs, operating partners, with quantitative results, benchmarked against your peers.

We coach team members for goal & KPI-setting, team integration, and fundraising, preparing them for interviews with LPs, the media, for conferences, etc., with key messages which can make or break your interviews, and/or fundraises.


Since inception, we have supported numerous fast-growing businesses in their fundraising and growth journeys. We have helped in areas ranging from strengthening strategy and business plans, financial forecasts and valuations, fundraising coaching, pitch creation, storytelling & pitching, term sheet creation, dataroom creation, and investor selection & engagement.

Each element leads to increased investor engagement, and ultimately a higher likelihood of securing investment into your company with as few investor meetings as required, so that you can get on with your day job!

Fast-growing businesses partner with us for support in the following ways:

Build your business to attract PE/VC capital from the outset. We've seen 100’s of businesses that have attracted PE/VC capital and 1000’s that haven't. The difference between those that have short, sharp fundraises and those who cannot raise is a combination of the business models and the way the management team comes across.

Strategically we help with the following:

• Review of business models;
• Market analysis and market sizing;
• Development and review of financial models;
• Review of business plans; and
• Coaching around streamlined articulation of business plan and differentiators.

We know that fundraising is much more likely to succeed when founders connect with investors directly. We support you through that process. From helping you figure valuations and how much to raise, to suggesting a curated list of PEs/VCs which may be interested in investing in your business, to managing the fundraising process efficiently for you.

• Pitchdeck reviews and creation;
• Pitch coaching for founders and teams;
• Dataroom material creation (business plans, financial models, teaser and pitch deck, etc);
• Development of a curated prospective investor list; and
• Management of the fundraising process.

Communications with investors is key once they have invested. The better their experience of you, the more likely they are to re-up in your next round and recommend investments to their networks. We help you deliver a professional investor relations experience.

• Quarterly investor updates;
• Ad hoc updates and articulation of key positive and negative changes to the business;
• C-suite coaching; and
• Preparing for investor meetings, press conferences, etc.

We coach the C-suite through business building, goal & KPI-setting, team integration and fundraising. We also coach specifically for investor meetings, press conferences and panels.

Articulating and developing sustainable business practices is more needed than ever. We can help you on articulating your impact to your investors and wider stakeholders.

• Developing bespoke ESG KPI plan;
• Developing ESG strategies; and
• Articulating your impact for wider stakeholders.

We offer a bespoke and personalised service.

If you don’t see what you need on the list, please ask!